September 18, 2013

California Warrior Princess

I came across an interesting article online about a young woman who ditched her cushy California lifestyle to spend one month in the African bush to become a warrior. Feeling like there must be more to life than her BMW and designer clothes, she set off for an adventure.  As I read through this story about her bathing in rivers with cows and buffalo and her blistered hands from practicing her spear-hunting skills with real (male) tribal warriors, I rooted for her and thought "wow, I would never have the courage to take on such a challenge... but Yay for her!"

At the advice of a friend she embark upon a tough humanitarian mission to Kenya, where she’d assist in building a health clinic in a Kenyan game reserve. While there, she met a local chief from the Maasai tribe who told her about brave Maasai warriors. When she asked if women could be warriors she was told “women aren't strong enough or brave enough to do it.” And that's where the story begins. 
You can read the entire original article here

Some of the comments that other readers left were less than positive: One reader posted, "w
henever she wants to upgrade her warrior skills, she can stroll though Central Park after dark." Another reader commented "if she is a warrior princess why did she come back to the states?"  "Only a ploy to sell her book".  (Yes, she wrote a book about her experience, how could she not?!)

I think their missing the point, or am I too 
gullible? I found the story interesting and inspiring, even if she did only do this for a month. (ONLY a month, Ha! I wouldn't make it to nightfall on my first day). It's more adventurous than anything I've ever done. 
What do you think?