November 4, 2012

Love, Love, Love!

After years of blow drying and using a hot curling iron on my fine hair, it is dry and brittle.  I've tried all kinds of products trying to turn back the clock with no real luck, not even a bit of difference. Although the only real way to get rid of damaged hair is to cut it off, I'm not quite ready for a buzz cut.

So, in the mean time I have found a product that I just love. It has left my hair more manageable, soft and shinny. My answer: Moroccanoil oil.  Oil!? Yes, oil. It doesn't leave my hair heavy or oily and has a very nice scent. Note that there is a regular and a light. Light is for lighter color hair. You can find it in some salons and on Amazon, just type in Moroccanoil in the search.

Even on days where I skip a shampoo, I will put about a nickle size amount through my hair and then gently comb through with a wide-tooth comb.. I've been using it for about two months now and what a real difference. I'm hooked!

(This is not a paid advertisement, just something I love and must share.)